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Quarterly Perspectives for your Mind
ABOUT: frankel touch points Quarterly Perspectives for your Mind

TouchPoints have been snail mailed to Frankel's core business relationships since 1998. TouchPoints are written based upon our unique business experience and designed to stimulate your long-term business success. A sampling is as follows…

Impact your Walk, Talk and Actions with Confidence

Confidence is the "green" in profits, "charisma" in CEO, and "motivate" in manager; an essential human trait to achieve ongoing personal gratification and corporate success. Increase confidence by assessing, challenging and improving the dynamics of your daily life experiences. Don't let your confidence be dragged down due to stress from unresolved personnel challenges, lack of organization, or inability to make difficult decisions.

Look Outward for New Talent
Requiring industry specific experience in non-technical job functions (i.e. sales, admin, accounting, HR) may be debilitating, expensive and counterproductive. After the "honeymoon period" (three-six months), a quality employee without industry experience will far outshine an average employee with industry experience.

Persistency Always Prevails!
Opening new sales "doors" is a complex equation of clarifying benefits, understanding needs and assessing timeframe… in combination with dedication, passion and persistence. Barriers of entry to high level decision makers are perforated only by business development professionals willing to go the extra mile, recognizing their messages (voice mails, emails, letters), while often unreturned, are not unnoticed.

Chess Anyone?
Building a sound organizational structure can be likened to a chess game. Instead of plotting Pawns and Rooks, you plot People and Positions. Just like chess, every piece on your playing board, every strategic move impacts future results. Ensure your organizational pieces are properly assessed, aligned and revamped based upon changing needs and tactics, from Knights to Customer Relations, Bishops to Department Heads.

Don't Hold Your Breath
Executive personnel are surprised by the lack of "Thank You's" and positive verbal feedback from subordinates. Your responsibility is to facilitate communication that keeps a pulse on employee's challenges and successes; they will show gratitude through their work effort… not their words.

Achieve the Ultimate in Organizational Success
Optimizing shareholder value is impractical without a quality Finance/Accounting Manager. Astute Controllers and CFOs manage cash flow, drive executive decision making and impact profitability through meaningful management information, sound internal controls and collaborative approaches in support of other departmental functions. The "common" misperception of internal accounting as overhead becomes a distant (and laughable) memory.